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A results focused international food sales and marketing consultancy that helps food & drink companies succeed in international markets

Food Marketing Agency

If you’re looking to grow your business in the global food and drink market, International Food Marketing Company, Green Seed Group, have over 25 years of industry experience. As a trusted food marketing agency, we have specialists in each country

At Green Seed Group, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the world. Creating exciting opportunities in new markets.

Starting with getting to know you, your product, its people and their passions, we’ll help you identify the markets to focus on and create a food marketing strategy to drive your business forward.

Whether it’s providing food export support for French charcuterie producers looking to sell into the Spanish market, or assisting brands like Quorn with their food sales strategy across Europe, we’ve developed our own specialist food sales model.

With Green Seed Group our Seed, Incubate, Grow, Harvest food export strategy combines with the right contacts to kickstart your journey. It’s proven to aid your business in securing new listings and delivering tangible results. Helping you to reap the rewards as your company grows internationally.

Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the food and drink industry, as well as specialist artisan producers, we would love to become your trusted food marketing agency and help you reach your full potential.