Case Study

Blue Diamond in France

Blue Diamond is a US Company, and the largest Almond company in the world, representing 3000 almond growers.

50+ % market share in the US.

Green Seed France introduced BLUE DIAMOND to the French retail market and now handles its day-to-day activities to help grow the brand.

Has enjoyed annual sales growth of 40+ % since national launch in France in 2012.

5 Blue Diamond products currently listed in France.

Available in 3 major retailers (Monoprix, Carrefour, Casino).

GSF’s role in growing Blue Diamond’s business:

GSF conducted an initial assessment study of the French aperitif market, in order to evaluate the potential for Blue Diamond products.

We identified the most marketable products in their range, recommended leading distribution partners and suggested logistical options.

In collaboration with GSF, Blue Diamond developed specific packs for the French market.

Blue Diamond’s products were launched in 290 Monoprix stores (July 2012) , CARREFOUR stores (national listing in HM & SM in Oct 2013), and 104 Hyper CASINO stores in 2015

Strong online presence achieved through high-quality communication and management of web content.