Case Study

Dorset Cereals in France



Dorset Cereals is a British company based in Poundbury (southern UK).

They specialize in the manufacture and distribution of premium mueslis, breakfast cereals, porridges and cereal products.

Dorset Cereals engaged Green Seed France to help introduce its innovative and high-quality products to the French retail market.

2 Dorset Cereals products already listed in the trend-setter French retailer: Monoprix

Initial sales figures show strong growth since first listing in Feb 2015.

GSF’s role in growing Dorset’s business:

We act as Dorset Cereals’ local Key Account Manager, negotiating with our network of contacts in the retail industry

We organize and attend regular meetings / conference calls with Monoprix in order to monitor sales and the presence of DORSET CEREALS products in their stores

We negotiate new listings (extending listing, new skus…)

We handle the annual negotiations (price negotiations, listings, opportunities…) between Dorset and Monoprix

We handle all administrative matters for Dorset NPD’s

We deal with all logistical, financial and administrative communication between Dorset Cereals and Monoprix