Case Study



HCC (Hybu Cig Cymru) Meat Promotion Wales is the government organization responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat.

HCC works with all sectors of the Welsh red meat industry – from the farmers through to the retailers, to develop the industry and cultivate profitable markets for Welsh lamb, beef and pork.

HCC’s objective in approaching GSF was to increase public awareness of PGI Welsh lamb and to promote its distribution in France.

GSF’s role in growing HCC’s business:

GSF took a two-pronged approach to HCC’s requests, engaging both customers and retailers in the promotion of Welsh lamb.

We organized a series of in-store tasting sessions in collaboration with Monoprix, with 3 out of 5 customers purchasing products having tasted the lamb.

We set up an inter-store competition with Monoprix, mobilizing their salesforce to promote Welsh lamb consumption for a 4-month period.

We collaborated with the RED D’Hippo restaurant group, resulting in the introduction of the ‘Red Dragon Burger’ to their menu, made with Welsh lamb.