Case Study

The Dormen in Italy


Green Seed Italy began providing brand support in 1999 and has since successfully developed sales of Dormen products in the Italian channel by identifying luxury hotels (exclusively 5 star and 4 star deluxe) as the clients with the highest potential and proposing Dormen’s elegant glass jars for minibars, which can also be personalised with the name of the hotel.

As part of our ongoing brand growth plan developed specifically for Dormen, we recognized, after closely monitoring Dormen’s success in Tesco with strips, that they had huge potential also in Italy where to date such strips were not in use.

Green Seed provided initial strategic guidance on positioning, packaging, pricing and helped develop the overall business strategy and sales plan as part of the incubation process. Green Seed also helped facilitate customer contacts with the grocery trade. Throughout this phase, Green Seed served as an extension of staff resources in the sales management of Dormen’s key retailer accounts.

Today, the innovative and eye-catching Dormen strips have been positioned in many important Italian retailers .