Case Study

Wonderful Brands BVBA

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Better known as the American supplier of the POM Wonderful brand that forms part of US Group Roll International, which includes Pom Wonderful, Paramount Farming, Paramount Citrus.

All products are from concentrate, bottled in the USA in their unique bottle and shipped over to Europe. European HQ are based in the Netherlands.

Pom Wonderful wanted to roll out the brand across key markets in Europe by following a clear strategy and by building the Pom brand with substantial marketing support.

Green Seed NL delivered strategic recommendations regarding their commercial approach of the Dutch market. Green Seed NL also introduced POM Wonderful to its international Green Seed offices in Europe that have extensive local contacts and relationships in their own markets.

For the Dutch market POM Wonderful developed a strong working partnership with Green Seed when considering their current business position on the Dutch market. Green Seed gave specific retailer sales and marketing advice.