Global Trends

Food and Drink Innovation Network: Global Trends, hosted by Green Seed UK

At Green Seed we are only too aware how newly emerging global trends can quickly have an impact on different geographical markets.

To this end Green Seed UK invited a range of stimulating speakers from the UK and abroad to inspire an audience of food marketing and innovation professionals.

The latest global trends and innovation in Food and Drink

The event was set up and chaired by Simon Waring, MD of Green Seed UK and participants included successful exporters Symingtons (noodles to China!) and Gu Desserts taking UK brands to new markets, sustainable values driven business Snact tackling food and packaging waste head on, plus some groundbreaking food tech innovations from Start Up Nation Israel.

Market analysts Mintel highlighted global trends in product claims, with vegan claims increasing from 2% of all products launched in 2008 to a staggering 15% in 2017. ‘Natural’ or ’Suitable for’ (ie specific diet related) claims now appear on more than 50% of all products launched in the UK.