Kettle Store (4)

The Kettle Store: the ultimate brand experience

In December 2017, Green Seed Belgium set up the very first Kettle Chips pop-up store in Europe. Over a period of 3 weeks, the Kettle Store welcomed visitors in a dedicated store space located at the very heart of Antwerp’s shopping district. The idea was to let people experience the brand with all their senses. The atmosphere and shop interior were aligned to Kettle’s s brand identity: fun, colourful, warm and linked to the real foodie aspect of the brand. The main attraction of the Kettle Store was the “Make your Own Potato Chips” activity. People could experiment with original seasonings in order to flavour their own chips and take their personalized creation back home. The profit generated by this activity was then donated to “Foodbanks”, a local charity organization. The experience however did not stop there as visitors could also buy packs of exclusive Kettle Chips. The project was extremely successful delivering a clear boost to brand awareness. Not only did the Kettle digital buzz entice people to come and visit, the Kettle Store also received substantial coverage in both print and online press.