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Portugal is a small market (10million people) and personal income is 80% of average EU. But consumers spend an higher proportion of their income than their EU counterparts on F&D and have a positive attitude towards imported foodstuffs. At Green Seed Portugal we can be very open and flexible to clients’ requests and always managed to find suitable approaches to their needs.

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A) Market Research from desk research, to store checks or interviews are fundamental to decide if, how and when to enter the Portuguese market

B) Distributor search and follow-up: in a small country like Portugal a good distributor, commited to selling the products and servicing the clients, is needed. From screening to evaluation, selection to appointment and finally follow-up on behalf of the principal have been routine activities for us

C) Account Management: when it comes to Private Label projects the first need is to identify when bids are open. But the process from the bid to the contract is time consuming and requires a lot of manoveuring to match retailers’ requests to supplier’s processes. GSP is quite experienced with this, as PL has a become a key strategy for the Portuguese leading retailers.

D) Communication strategies: working with Marketing Bodies means to pave the way for associated suppliers to do business.  Helping to design promotions to training packs to staff / sales force or maximizing the impact of limited marketing budgets.

Our Clients

From market research to brand building or sales support / account management we have develop plenty happy ongoing clients. Here are some examples:

Some Case Studies

For the last 8 years we have helped the UK Meat industry in Portugal to forge enduring relationships with Portuguese retailers
As representing AHDB for Africa, we have been organizing trade missiona for UK Meat companies in markets such as Senegal, Guinea Republic, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benim, RDC, Congo Republic, Gabon, Angola
For the last 2&1/2 years we've managed to get to FROSTA, Private Label contracts with leading retailers.
We have supplying GIRA with Market Research data, interviews and desk research both in Portugal and Angola
Food Service (Finsbury Foods): We have been local agents for KARA products in Portugal to develop their position into the HORECA channel through a leading distributor
Between 2001 and 2015 we've managed to build and develop a direct communication tool between Malt Whisky brands and enthusiastic Key Opinion Leaders

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To understand how Green Seed Portugal can help you in exploring opportunities for you in Portugal and beyond, please contact Luis Garcia:

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