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beverage market expert

At Green Seed we have assembled a team with a great experience and expertise in seeding, incubating and growing drinks brands in France. This image shows you what we do for your company.

Green Seed, your beverage market expert in France

For any company in beverage industry, expanding into a new foreign market is both an exciting and challenging idea. The new market will have its own typical character, maybe quite different from your domestic market, and the solution which is efficient at home might not work somewhere else. France is no different. The drinks market is considerable and the opportunities are huge, but it has his unique aspects too. Retaining a beverage market expert with extensive expertise in the French market therefore makes good sense.

At Green Seed, we have developed an exclusive and proven method to present your brand to the French market. We will do extensive research in your specific market niche, gathering information on the outlooks, habits and tastes of your target consumers. As your beverage market expert, we will also analyze the opinions of industry experts in your segment and report on the activities of recent entrants into your market. We will add competitor analysis of your sector in to previous research too, which helps us know the precise nature of your opportunity in France.

Handling with your beverage market expert

The information gained from our research strengthen our plans and focuses our strategy for your market entry into France. This provides a base for our work but as your beverage market expert we also offer more practical help. We will use our vast knowledge of the beverage market and industry in France to help you choose proper import and distribution partners for your products. We will also ensure that you have right contacts from the best event management, public relations and consumer promotions professionals in this field. In all these cases, we can make the introductions to ensure these new business relationships run smoothly but steady.

Launch your beverage market expert with our help

By approaching the launch date and beyond into the growth stage, we will work closely with you to assure the achievement of your milestones and targets. As your beverage market expert we will work up the presentations that best shows your company and products to your new market, we will work with you to develop a suitable channel strategy and achievable sales plan. Hopefully, with our experience and expertise and working closely in partnership, your brand will soon be growing fast in France.

Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we enable UK firms in the growth of their international activities. After 26 years of experience in this field, we are a reliable partner for UK companies in entering the international market. The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing firm specializing in food and drink field The Green Seed Group is a leader in the field of international food and drink sales and marketing consulting;. As such, its core activity is to assist customers develop their business in over 20 markets. Since 2009, when we adopted the name Green Seed Group, we serve food and drink suppliers whatever their country of location. We help food and drink producers by: