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Beverage marketing agency

Our consultants are specially chosen for their industry expertise and experience and they work with our proven method which will accelerate the successful adoption of your brand into the French market.

Working with your beverage marketing agency

The beverage market in France is definitely famous for its wines and champagnes but maybe also for its bottled water. In the other hand, in France we have the brandies, Armagnacs and cognacs, without forgetting the pastis. It is obvious that France is the country of quality beverages and so it presents a huge opportunity for quality drinks brands who are wishing to enter the market. To have this opportunity, it is necessary to retain the services of a professional beverage marketing agency who knows enough this market and at Green Seed we have the best team to accomplish your introduction to the French market.

You should understand your specific niche as closely as possible, before entering French market. That is the reason why we do research to discover the habits, attitudes and opinions of consumers who will buy your product. As your beverage marketing agency, we will also consider the performance of other recent entrants into your chosen market and analyse the business of your competitors. With these information, we provide the basis for the construction of a strong marketing plan for your entry into the French market.

Useful assistance from your beverage marketing agency

To have the most successful market entry, at Green Seed, we go far beyond the research and strategic plans area. We have expended contacts in all domain of the French beverage industry and will help you out to identify your ideal partners for import and distribution of your product. As a leading beverage marketing agency, we also have partners in the important areas of consumer promotions, public relations and event management and we will bring those to bear to improve the launch of your brand in France.

Carry out a relationship with your beverage marketing agency

As we get closer to the launch of your beverage brand, we will work with you to develop professional presentations to boost your company to potential French clients and partners. As your beverage marketing agency in France, we will accompany you in the development of a well thought-out channel strategy and deliverable sales plan, conceived to boost the growth of your beverage brand in France. Working together and giving you proven techniques, we will help your company to make the most of its opportunities in France.

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