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European food industry studies

At Green Seed, we can present our great library of European food industry studies to immediately evaluate the conditions of the local market to prepare a strategy for your market entry. And this bespoke European food industry studies can then be designed and prepared to refine a brand market entry strategy for any particular niche. By profoundly studying the local market and to shape a specific message, we can be sure of your brand's reception in the local market.

The power of European food industry studies

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If anything, that old saying is even more true of a new brand. That is the reason why it is crucial to plan your entry into a new market with caution and precision.

In business, like many other field, the knowledge is the power and having the best understanding of the market where you want your brand to develop is absolutely critical. By using European food industry studies, at Green Seed, we can measure the market conditions in your proposed new market and obtain useful ideas from consumers, key individuals and organisations within that local market. By doing so, we enrich and improve our entry strategy for your brand. This professional and comprehensive approach takes the guess work out of the launch of a new brand in a new market place, which will give more predictable and better results.

Going beyond European food industry studies

No need to say, it is not all about research. The active presence of Green Seed in the market and his data base of first-hand knowledge concerning local conditions is crucial and, in our collaboration, they are available for you to leverage. Certainly, European food industry studies are important but it is not enough, beside a proven knowledge of the local consumer culture, habits and preferences, we should be aware of systems and regulations. Another important item is to establish relationships with distributors, importers and retailers. This gives us a clear view of who is best placed to import, distribute and sell your products.

Learning from European food industry studies

The base of our business contacts are available for you and we provide personal introductions to start new and profitable business relationships. We will guide you through the full process, introducing you the best in class partners for all areas of marketing and promoting your products. We will ensure that you have the right people in the right place to grow your business in your new market by presenting to you all contact for import and distribution in the market, event management and public relations. By studying existing and bespoke European food industry studies in France and by using our expertise and our proven method, we ensure that your brand will bring new healthy roots in your chosen market.

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