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Export food french market

At Green Seed, we have gathered a skilled team with unique experience and expertise in the industry to help our clients in the export food French market to find their way.

Our export food French market research approach

The passion for good food in France is well known, which has led to an impressive industry both at home and abroad. French cooking techniques have influenced leaders of culinary arts all over the world and at home, French restaurants and bistros we can find some of the best food in the world. This French fancy for good food, make the market full of quality products and the tendency to pay more for quality food. This love of quality makes the export food French market a challenging and competitive market but still there are lots of opportunities for new brands which present quality products.

Using our proven method, we will monitor consumers in your chosen niche to find out their habits and preferences, using this information to form our messaging for your brand. We will also survey the recent launches of similar companies in your sector and find new information about the market by their performance. Then we carry out competitor analysis to understand your concurrent and identify your opportunity. The intelligence we gather from our studies forms our strategic plan for your market entry and provides us with solid bases on which we set up our work.

Additional export food French market services

These strategic activities are crucial but we also understand that our clients need more practical assistance. That is the reason why we bring our extensive industry contacts to bear to help you choose the best importers and distributors for your products in the sector. As an export food French market expert we can also present to you leading professionals in related services, as event management, PR and consumer promotions, to be sure that your company is correctly represented in these areas. We will also ensure that all French market regulations are respected.

Launching your export food French market brand

It is crucial to have everything in place for your launch and as the date of your launch approaches, our work expands to accomplish each important task. We will be there to help you develop a channel strategy that gets your products in front of your customers and we will build a realistic sales plan to deliver the numbers you need. We will also help you build professional presentations to best represent your company to the French market. By having Green Seed by your side, everything is ready for your export food French market launch.

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