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fast-moving consumer goods

Launching fast-moving consumer goods into new markets is the expertise of your consultant at Green Seed. We use a proven and suitable method that is designed to seed, incubate and grow new brands in their target host markets. We have the experts and processes to ensure a successful launch in to new market and with our many years of experience and extensive partner network, we are perfectly placed to ensure the best start possible for your brand in his new home.

Seeding fast-moving consumer goods brands

The world of fast-moving consumer goods is more international than ever, with brands passing borders that previously seemed impenetrable. Having a successful result requires a mixed of global market expertise and local market knowledge.

In order to grow our seed, we must give him the best possible start in his new market. For gaining this aim, we research the market, analyze consumer habits, trend and buy patterns. By having an eye on competitors and the report of statistics for new entrants of the chosen market, we then create a specific strategy to your fast-moving consumer goods in this marketplace, ensuring that all the ground work is done and the chosen strategy shows the real market situation in the specific market niche.

Fast-moving consumer goods incubation

After deciding for our marketing strategy, it is time to apply the plan. Our team is vastly experienced in launching fast-moving consumer goods into new markets and their expertise is combined with proven techniques to ensure a fast, smooth and successful launch. We work with you to find valuable new business partnerships, identifying the most suited organizations to import and distribute your brand in the host market. Moving towards launch and beyond, we also present to you professionals in event management, public relations and consumer promotions to ensure your entry market with the correct presence.

Growing your fast-moving consumer goods

Clearly our work would not stop at launch. We must permanently review and update our basic plan as we move forward and make progress your fast-moving consumer goods in their new market. We will work with you to create a trustworthy sales and marketing plan, presenting your company to the market and working with you to refine your messages on product benefits and unique selling points. Moving forward, we permanently review our plans to make sure that the correct progress is being made. Together with Green Seed, you will be perfectly placed to extend your business in your new market.

Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we help UK businesses through every step of their implementation on international market. Having 26 years of experience in this business, we are a partner of trust for UK organizations by supporting their expansion on international market. The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing firm expert in food and drink sector that aims at assisting clients expand their business in several markets. Our assistance to food and drink companies includes various facets: