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food & beverage french industry survey

A food & beverage French industry survey is a key component of any market entry strategy and a central board of our strategy here at Green Seed. We have built a team with a winning combination of expertise and experience, working with a proven method which will give excellent results.

Carrying out your food & beverage French industry survey

France is an interesting market for many international food and drink brands. Besides being a large exporter of quality food and drinks products, France has a major interior market, known for exigency of quality. Entry into this market can give substantial rewards if the brand and messaging are right but the work should be done in the best way.

Our research into the sector of your market will show us the habits, preferences and opinions of the very consumers who will buy your products. We will also check out the input of experts in your sector and review the effect of new entrants into your marketplace. Our food & beverage French industry survey also take in competitor analysis in order to a better understand of your market opportunity. In return, this work will form our strategic plan, providing a solid base on which we build our strategy for your entry into the french food and beverage industry.

Implementing findings from our food & beverage French industry survey

To have a deep understanding of your market and other brands allows us to leverage our own experience and expertise to help your market entry. Knowing your business means that we can use our complete list of contacts to help you select the best importers and distributors for your business. Our food & beverage French industry survey will also highlight the precise areas where you could profit from other professional services and we introduce you to partners in your field of business such as event management, public relations and consumer promotions.

Moving beyond the food & beverage French industry survey

At Green Seed we will help you all the way from product launch and beyond this phase. We will work with you to create a coherent channel strategy, which ensures targeting the right consumers. By using our results from our food & beverage French industry survey, we will also prepare professional and compelling presentations, which enter directly to the French market. By having these tools, we will build an achievable sales plan to ensure that your targets are met. The French food and beverage market can be a remunerative one and by working together we will ensure gaining those rewards.

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