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A results focused international sales and marketing consultancy that helps food & drink companies succeed in international markets

Food business agency France

Green Seed is a leading food business agency in France. Our long history in France, however, gives us the local market expertise that gives us a deep understanding of how brands succeed in France. Our multi-disciplinary team comes from all parts of the industry but each demonstrates the same passion for the business that sets Green Seed apart.

Choosing a food business agency in France

When choosing a food business agency in France to help you deliver your market goals, you will want to work with a company that can demonstrate the most complete local knowledge. You might also want to retain the services of a company who can augment this expertise with the wisdom gained from international markets. What is most important, however, is that your chosen firm has the processes to translate that expertise and experience into real-world results. At Green Seed, we have precisely these qualities, suing our proprietary model to deliver success.

A proven approach from your food business agency in France

The company was formed in 1991 and by delivering excellent client service and outstanding results it has grown to boast more than 100 consultants in 19 countries worldwide. This international presence informs our thinking, giving us a global perspective.

Our experience in working with some of the leading names in the food and beverage agency, and helping them to grow their brands in France, has led us to develop and innovative and effective service delivery model that delivers results. Our three stage process guides us through the seeding, incubation and growth of your brand in the French marketplace. Using these proven techniques, we will work as your food business agency in France to identify the nature of your market opportunity, define the best channels to market and put in place the plans to bring your goals to fruition.

A food business agency in France for all

One of the joys of our flexible approach to working as a food business agency in France is that we are able to work with such a wide variety of clients. This sees us working with some of the biggest names in the industry, brands that are household names. We also enjoy working with smaller, niche, players, however; carving out the right market strategy to help them achieve their specific goals. Whether big or small, specialist or mainstream; Green Seed can deliver the results you desire.

The Green Seed Group is an international expert in food and drink sales and marketing consultancy that is committed to helping customers build their business in a wide range of markets. Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we enable UK companies for their growth on international market. With 26 years of experience in this area, we are the a partner of trust for UK companies by assisting them in their deployment on international market. We provide integrated solutions to food and drink producers, including: