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A results focused international sales and marketing consultancy that helps food & drink companies succeed in international markets

Food business consultant France

Green Seed is recognized as a leading food business consultant in France. We are also a passionate one, with a team steeped in the food and drink industry. Indeed, many started their careers in professional kitchens or working in supermarkets and some have even launched their own food brands. What binds them together is a love for the industry and a complete focus on sharing their expertise with Green Seed clients. Formed in 1991 and with a presence in 19 overseas markets, Green Seed provides them with a platform to work with clients in France from our Paris HQ, delivering informed and practical consultancy that gets results.

Our service model as your food business consultant in France

With decades of experience working as a food business consultant in France and the knowledge gained from our international operations, we at Green Seed have been able to refine a proprietary model for the delivery of our services to grow your brand. First we use our deep market knowledge to seed your brand in France, defining the shape of your market opportunity. Next, we nurture that seed incubating it with the correct channels to market that will achieve the best results. Finally, we grow your brand, developing sales and marketing strategies to deliver on your goals.

Are we your ideal food business consultant in France?

Green Seed offers its services as a leading food business consultant in France to a wide range of clients, from huge multinationals to small local firms. We could be right for you if you are ready to expand your brand into the French market for the first time or want to grow an existing French brand. We can also help you research the French market before launch or accelerate market growth for a brand that is already in the marketplace. We can also help you find partners in sales, marketing, events management and PR, all ready to help you maximize your market gains.

A cutting-edge food business consultant in France

Our experience as a food business consultant in France is unquestioned but at Green Seed we never stand still. The way that the French public makes buying decisions is changing and we must change and adapt with them. Today, the brand message must include solid credentials in environmental, ethical and health matters and this must be effectively communicated across a plethora of media channels.

The Green Seed Group is an international specialist of food and drink sales and marketing consultancy that aims at assisting clients develop their business in several markets. Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we allow UK businesses to enter the international market. With 26 years of experience in this field, we are the a reliable partner for UK firms in carrying on international activities. We supply integrated solutions to food and drink firms, including: