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A results focused international sales and marketing consultancy that helps food & drink companies succeed in international markets

Food expert France

Green Seed has deep local knowledge of the local French market, including consumer culture, industry trends and the legal framework. It also has operations worldwide in 19 different countries and is able to combine global reach with local intelligence to ensure excellent advice.

A food expert in France for a new age

These days, creating a successful food brand is about more than just supplying flavourful food at a good price. Instead, consumers demand a lot more from their chosen brands. They are looking for brands that respect the environment and the communities they work in. This means that any food expert in France needs to demonstrate a close understanding of the fair trade programme, organic certification and corporate social responsibility. At Green Seed, we understand the importance of such initiatives and we have extensive experience in helping our clients maximize their brand’s potential using such programmes.

A proven approach from a proven food expert in France

With extensive experience and expertise both in France and internationally, Green Seed has been able to develop an innovative and proven proprietary methodology that has been honed to deliver the best results in the most efficient manner possible. The process involves three stages: seeding, incubating and growing. At the seeding stage we will use our in-market presence to prepare the ground for you brand’s market entry. As your local food expert in France, we will then incubate the brand using our insights to assess the size and shape of the opportunity and shaping the marketing strategy accordingly. Growth will come next, using our top-level contacts to effect introductions to those professional partners best placed to deliver success.

Your in-house food expert in France

When you work with Green Seed, you have your very own food expert in France. We are natural foodies, of course, but our expertise goes much deeper than just an appreciation of international cuisine. Our multi-discipline team is vastly experienced in the marketing of food brands and lives and breathes the industry. Indeed, some have experience in launching their own brands but all have a real passion for the business.

Green Seed likes to work closely with clients to achieve the best understanding of your business and quickly deliver the required results. Indeed, as your own food expert in France, you should think of us as an extension to your own team, building on your own knowledge and expertise and cross-fertilising with ideas that will help your brand continue to grow for many years to come.

The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing firm specializing in food and drink sector that is committed to assisting companies build their business in over 20 markets. Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we enable UK organizations to expand their activities internationally. Having 26 years of experience in this sector, we are the a partner of trust for UK firms in expanding their export activities. We offer complete solutions to food and drink companies, including: