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food french market communication

At Green Seed, we have developed a team with the right combination of expertise and also experience to grant that strategy.

Developing your food French market communication plan

France is well-known for his passion of good food. In restaurants and bistros’ world, French cooking is one of the finest choice. French stores and markets also offer to their clients some of the best products in the world. The French consumer is informed and highly exigent and this fact makes launching a new food brand in France quite a challenge. The possibility to have successful career in this market is not low but to maximize your chances, it is important to choose the right food French market communication strategy from the beginning.

We start our work with a comprehensive research phase. By these researches, we will find out the views and opinions of consumers in your specific niche and we will also study the launch of other companies in your market area. We finalize our food French market communication study by a competitor analysis before asking the views of leading experts in your field. This study helps us later in our strategic plan for your market entry, building a solid foundation for all of our future work and ensuring that our marketing messages are properly targeted your consumers.

Implementing your food French market communication strategy

With these solid bases in place we can now bring you more practical help. At Green Seed, we have a great network which presents to you the top companies in this industry. This will permit us to help you choosing the best importers and distributors for your products. Within your food French market communication plan, it is also important to have the right partners is place in all related disciplines and we will therefore introduce you to the leaders in consumer promotions, public relations agencies and event management companies.

Launching your food French market communication strategy

By approaching the chosen date for launch, we will ensure that all elements of your food French market communication plans are in place. To this end, we will work with you to develop winning presentations that sell your company to the French industry, while building on those brand messages. We will also build a sensible channel strategy to be sure that your products are always available to your target consumer. Finally, we will build a realistic sales plan which will deliver the numbers you need. Working together, we will then build your success in France.

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