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A results focused international sales and marketing consultancy that helps food & drink companies succeed in international markets

Food marketing agency France

Green Seed is a leading food marketing agency in France with a history stretching back to 1991. The group now has offices in 19 different countries; helping clients from all over the world develop their business in France.

A passionate food marketing agency in France

The Green Seed team has a wealth of experience in the food industry. Some started by stacking supermarket shelves, others cooking in professional kitchens. Some even have experience of launching their own brands. This makes them particularly knowledgeable in their fields and it is this real-world experience that has shaped Green Seed’s unique marketing model. The team’s detailed knowledge gives them a complete understanding of the market and helps them create the optimal strategy to seed and grow Green Seed clients’ brands in France. It also ensures that Green Seed is the food marketing agency in France to deliver practical help along with strategic thinking to maximise market success on the ground.

A proven process from a leading food marketing agency in France

Green Seed is a food marketing agency in France with vast experience and international reach and this has allowed us to develop a proven and proprietary model that is designed for success. In three stages, the team will help you seed, incubate and then grow your brand in France. The strategy is informed by first-hand local knowledge of French culture, consumer law and retails systems. Green Seed also maintains close relationships with leading partners in disciplines such as promotions, public relations and event management, ensuring that you and your brand receive the best possible ongoing representation.

A food marketing agency in France for clients big and small

As a multinational but agile food marketing agency in France, Green Seed has the resources and expertise to help a wide range of clients both big and small. Our client roster is studded with both leading international brands and specialized niche players. Each receives the same personal and professional support to help turn their brand plans into reality.

From our base in central Paris, our hand-picked team utilizes a proprietary model to help clients seed, incubate and grow their brand in this exciting market. The team’s local knowledge is extensive but they can also call upon the expertise and learnings from an international network, thus combining detailed local intelligence with broad, international strategic thinking. The multi-disciplinary team members have cut their teeth in food marketing, combining real foodie passion and entrepreneurial instincts with the disciplined thinking of an accountant.

The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing agency focused on food and drink industry The Green Seed Group is a reference among international food and drink sales and marketing consulting firms; as such, its core business is to help clients develop their business in a wide range of markets. Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we allow UK companies during the growth of their international activities. Having 26 years of experience in this field, we are the a partner of trust for UK organizations by assisting them in their growth on international market. Since 2009, when we adopted the name Green Seed Group, we leverage our extensive know-how to ensure the success of food and drink companies from every part of the world. We offer integrated solutions to food and drink companies, including: