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food marketing for France

France is perhaps the country which is famous for his cuisine more than any other country. The French demand good quality and know that this must be paid for their exigence and this fact brings great opportunities for high quality brands to enter the French market. It is crucial thus that your brand find a proper position and at Green Seed, our work in food marketing for France can ensure achieving this right position.

Our approach to food marketing for France

Our team of consultants with its unmatched qualifications in food and drink industry in France, has both experience and expertise with no alternative. Working to our proven method in food marketing for France, they will deliver a strategy that ensures your success. We start our work with a study of consumers in your target market, to identify their habits, opinions and preferences. We solicit thus the opinion of industry experts and review the performance of other recent entrants into your market. Our research then concludes with competitor analysis, which help us to understand the proportion of your market opportunity in France.

Further services in food marketing for France

The results of our research give us the basis for our strategic to prepare your entry into the French market, providing solid foundations for our work. Proper research and planning are vital components of our food marketing for France but we also provide more practical help. Using our extensive network of industry contacts, for example, we will help you select the best fit importers and distributors for your products. Likewise, we will introduce you to the best professionals in areas like customer promotions, PR and event management, to ensure that you will have the best representations.

Your food marketing for France being implemented

As we get close to the launch of your brand in French market, we will develop winning presentations that reflect the best capacities of your company and sell your brand to the French public. We will also help you to develop the right channel strategy to make sure your products get in front of your consumers. We will then build a coherent sales plan that can bring you out the numbers you require from the French market. Working together in this path, your brand growth in the French market will be guaranteed by our approach to food marketing for France.

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