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food marketing french agency

The French food market is extremely competitive, with well-informed consumers who are exposed to some of the world's most famous brands. With such tough competition, it is important to find the right position for your brand from the beginning and using the services of a professional food marketing French agency is a crucial part of any strategy to enter the French market. At Green Seed, we have gathered a great team to help you achieve these goals. Our experienced consultants present the perfect blend of expertise and experience in the food industry and work with a proven method which has a great track record at delivering positive results.

Green Seed food marketing French agency

Our work begins with extensive research to ensure that you have completely identify your opportunities in the French market. We will analyze consumers in your chosen market niche and use the information we gain about the preferences and opinions to form our strategy. Our work as your food marketing French agency will thus continue as we study the performance of other recent entrants into your market and seek out the opinions of experts in your chosen market segment. We conclude then our research with a competitor analysis that gives us a clearer image of the proportion of your opportunity in France.

Working with your food marketing French agency

This initial research phase helps us to bring the information we need to form and focus your launch into the French market. In addition to these strategic services, however, our experience as a leading food marketing French agency tells us that our clients should also benefit from more practical help. This is why we use our contacts of the top industry companies to help you select the most appropriate partners in import and distribution for your business. We will also present you to top professionals in event management, PR and consumer promotions to ensure that your brand is presented in the best way.

Launching with your food marketing French agency

As we get close to your launch date, we will help you to build convincing presentations, which reflect the best out of your brand and which appeal to the French industry. We will also promote a channel strategy to make sure that your food brand reaches your target consumers. As your food marketing French agency, we will then build a workable sales plan that can deliver the results you are looking for. Working together we will ensure that your brand will have a successful launch in French market.

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