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food marketing plan France

At Green Seed, we are proud of the team we have gathered. With a perfect mix of experience and expertise, they have the best profile to help launch and expand your brand in France

Developing your food marketing plan France

Many food brands wish to expand into French market as their next step. The French market is known for his quality brands and success in this market brings with him a huge positive result for your company and also it is among the hugest market in the world. As one of European largest market, success here can bring major financial turnover. French consumers demand quality and they are willing to pay for this quality. This means that with the right food marketing plan France can be an excellent target of investment for your brand.

At Green Seed, we fight to avoid the guess-work in marketing. That is why we use a proven method and do extensive studies in your market. We will examine consumers in your specific segment in order that we understand their opinions and preferences. We will then use this intelligence to shape our food marketing plan France. Our studies continue with a review of recent launches in your market and we will also obtain the views of recognised experts in your specific niche. At the end, we will carry out a competitor analysis for finding out the potential opportunities in your sector.

Building on your food marketing plan France

The performed research helps us to build our strategic plan and provides us with solid foundation for our work. Beside a food marketing plan France also has specific industry regulations for food products and we will also ensure that these are respected. Our clients tell us that they appreciate this sort of practical help and we also use our industry contacts to help you choosing the best import and distribution partners for your products. These professional services are important too and we can also introduce you to some leading professionals in customer promotions, PR and event management.

Your food marketing plan France and launch

As your launch date gets closer, we work closely with you to ensure the preparation for your success. Our food marketing plan France helps you creating convincing presentations, which shows the best image of your brand to the French industry. We will also build a wise channel strategy and sales plan to make sure that your products are available to your target consumers and that your sales figures are achieved. By this plan, we ensure a healthy start for your brand and you can enjoy a dynamic growth in France.

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