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french distribution market expert

France is one of the largest markets in Europe and, with French reputation for fine food and drink, certainly one of the most prestigious. At Green Seed, we have brought assistance for many food and drinks companies to take advantage of the potential opportunities within French market.

Finding your ideal French distribution market expert

At Green Seed, we propose a full range of services, which add up to our work as a French distribution market expert. We will do an extensive market study on our clients' behalf, trying to find out the opinions and preferences of consumers in their specific niche. We also survey the performance of other entrants into the market and ask the views of known experts in the field. Finally, we carry out a competitor analysis to achieve a better perspective of the competitive field and the proportion of your opportunities in France.

Strategic services from your French distribution market expert

The information we gain from such studies focuses on opinions and form thus the strategic marketing plan that we put in place for your market entry. We present later our extensive network of contacts to you in order to ensure that you select the best import and distribution partners which fit the best at your brand. Our job as your French distribution market expert wouldn’t end at this phase and we present to you later other specialists in related fields to ensure that you benefit from the best representation in public relations, consumer promotions and event management.

Launching with help from your French distribution market expert

Moving towards your launch date, we will work with you to develop perfect presentations which develop your unique selling proposition and support your brand through the French industry. We will also promote a suitable channel strategy, to make sure that your products reach your target audience. As your French distribution market expert, we will also develop a deliverable plan for your products, which can achieve your desired results in France. With our comprehensive suite of proven services, we can be sure that everything is in place for a fantastic launch and that your ambitions for the French market are soon realized.

With our complete proven services, we can be sure that everything is in place for an excellent start and that you achieve soon your ambitions for the French market.

Getting everything in his place for a successful launch is in the center of everything we do and as a French distribution market expert we are aware of the importance of a right targeting for reaching efficiently customers. That is why we have gathered a team with incomparable experience and expertise to bring the success you are looking for.

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