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A results focused international sales and marketing consultancy that helps food & drink companies succeed in international markets

french food and beverage expert

Green Seed is a company of French food and beverage expert consultants, who are gathered to provide our clients, with an intelligent and proven method, a successfully entry to the French food and drink market.

Green Seed's French food and beverage expert team

Entering into new markets is a normal progress for many successful brands and the French market is a very good choice for some of them. The French market is one of Europe's largest market and his high expectation for quality food and drink products means that premium brands can progress particularly well in France, surely if they choose the right strategy and position. The proportion of opportunities is huge and so is the challenge but with our experienced consultants at your assistance, your team will be ideally placed to present your brand into France.

With the hard work of our team, you will prepare the entry of your brand into French market and we make sure that all information about the market information is prepared. We make a French food and beverage expert study to review consumer behaviors and preferences and to form our market offer. We also ask the opinion of experts and finally we review our own extensive information base of industry intelligence. We then analyze the performance of similar entrants of your market and to do a competitor analysis in order to form our overall reflection about the potential opportunities for your brand. With this research in place we will have a firm basis for your market entry strategy.

The value of a French food and beverage expert

Our research gives us firm basis upon which we will build a consistent strategy for a successful entering in French food and beverage market but as a French food and beverage expert company, our services wouldn’t stop on an academic phase. Instead, we complete our research and strategy activities with practical help in all aspects of commencing business activities in France. Presenting to you our extensive network of contacts will help you find the most adequate import and distribution partners and thus we make the necessary introductions to strengthen these new business relationships.

Leveraging your French food and beverage expert

We have business partners in linked fields like event management, public relations and consumer promotions and we will always be there to present you to these French food and beverage expert companies to ensure a successful launch for your brand. We will also work with you to refine a great presentation which best represents your company to the French market and shows off the unique qualities of your product line. With a firm basis in research and with the help of our expert team, you will be sure of your success in the French market.

Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we help UK organizations in the deployment of their international activities. With 26 years of experience in this area, we are the perfect partner for UK firms in carrying on international activities. The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing firm specialist in food and drink field, which mission is to assist customers build their business in a wide range of markets. In 2009 we adopted the name the Green Seed Group; since then, leverage our strong know-how to contribute to the success of food and drink firms whatever their country of location. We provide complete solutions to food and drink companies, including: