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French food & beverage business consultant

The food and drink market in France has never been so diverse and fragmented, so finding the right French food & beverage business consultant to help you launch or grow your brand in France is a vital step. At Green Seed, we like to think that we have the right blend of expertise and experience to make us the ideal partner.

Our work as your French food & beverage business consultant

At Green Seed we are fortunate to have worked with so many outstanding brands and our track record as a French food & beverage business consultant is second to none. This experience has also led us to develop a proprietary model to deliver the best service to our clients. This model first helps us to work with those clients to discover the size and nature of their market opportunity in France. We then work with those clients to identify how best to approach that market and having done so we build the sales and marketing strategies to deliver on the plan.

Who we work with as a French food & beverage business consultant

We are happy to work with clients both large and small. In the past we have worked with some of the largest brand names in the business but also with some much smaller specialist brands and organisations. As a multi-disciplined French food & beverage business consultant, we work with clients at all stages of development. You may be at the research stage or wanting to launch your brand into the French market. On the other hand, you may already be active in France and want to grow the presence of your brand. In either case, Green Seed can help.

A passionate French food & beverage business consultant

Our experience as a French food & beverage business consultant is unquestioned but we can bring so much more to the table. Our team of consultants have spent the bulk of their careers in the food and drink industry, starting out in retail or professional kitchens or even building their own food brands. They are passionate about the business and this shines through in the work that they do.

Green Seed was founded back in 1991 and over the years we have had the pleasure of working with a large number of international brands and small local producers. In addition to our central Paris HQ, we operate in 19 countries worldwide giving us an international perspective to add to our deep local knowledge.

Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we enable UK companies for their growth on international market. After 26 years of experience in this area, we are the an essential partner for UK companies by accompanying their implmentation on international market. The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing firm specialized in food and drink sector As an international food and drink sales and marketing specialist, The Green Seed Group’s mission is to help companies develop their business in several markets. Our offer to food and drink companies integrates several facets: