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french food importer

At Green Seed, our goal is to work with you to manage the former and maximise the latter. We have gathered a team of consultants with incomparable experience and deep knowledge in the French food sector. Our qualifications are first class and so, we are glade to say, is our service.

Preparing the ground as a French food importer

The French food market is both huge and compelling. France is known for his cuisine and the interior market is perhaps more demanding than most other markets. Quality is the keyword and the French consumer is willing to pay extra for premium products. As a French food importer, there is both challenge and opportunity.

At Green Seed, we do not believe that chance can bring you success. That is the reason why we prepare the path for your successful entry into the French market by doing expanded market research. Using our proven method, we will find the opinions, expectations and preferences of your target consumer group, to precisely refine your message. We also analyze the performance of other French food importer companies in your sector and approach some competitor studies in order to understand better the nature of your opportunities in the French market.

Green Seed as your French food importer partner

The information we obtain from our research forms and shapes the strategic plan that we will develop for your entry into the French market. This provides a solid base for your success, but as your French food importer partner, we also provide some other services which are also crucial for you according to our experience, which include more practical assistance. We use our relationships with the key players in the French food market in order to help you choose the most appropriate import and distribution partners for your business. We ensure the implementation of the best representation and will make the necessary to introduce you to our partners in areas such as consumer promotions, event management and public relations.

Ensuring your success as a French food importer

Du to our complete research, developing strategic plan and finding the right partnerships, we will help you for launch and beyond to ensure the success of your brand in France. Our job as your French food importer partner includes developing convincing presentations that show the right image of your company and brand to the French market. We will help you to develop the best channel strategy in order to bring your products to market and prepare a sales plan according to what you expect.

For the past 26 years, we have been assisting UK companies for their implementation on international market. Thanks to 26 years of experience in this domain, we are a partner of trust for UK firms in expanding their export activities. The Green Seed Group is an international sales and marketing agency specializing in food and drink field. As an international food and drink sales and marketing specialist, The Green Seed Group’s job is to help customers expand their business in over 20 markets. In 2009 we took the name the Green Seed Group; since then, place our know-how at the service of food and drink companies and marketing suppliers whatever their country of location. Our offer to food and drink firms includes various aspects: