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french food market consultant

At Green Seed, we have an experienced team of industry experts who are ideally positioned to ensure that your entry into the French market will be safe and successful.

Green Seed as your french food market consultant

The food market in France is huge, complex and fancy, with recompense and risks to the same extend. This is a market that expect quality and tries his best to have quality, that’s why there are always opportunities for high quality new arrival brands to enter this market. In this market, it’s crucial to find the right position of your brand and products and for having the best choices, only a French food market consultant with the right experience and expertise can ensure the achievement of this process.

At Green Seed, we work with a proven method of our own which we know deliver results. The first phase is to be sure that you completely and correctly know this specific market sector to be able to plan your entry and as your french food market consultant we will do necessary research to deliver this information. We will find the opinions, attitudes and habits of the consumers who will buy your products and expose important trends in the marketplace. Another task for knowing better the market is to measure the impact of other recent entrants into your niche and do competitor analysis in your sector. All this information form thus the basis of our strategic plan for moving forward.

Leveraging your french food market consultant

At Green Seed, we know the importance of a right research and strategic planning for prepare your entry into the French market but we also know the value of more practical assistance which are crucial according to our experience. As a leading french food market consultant, we have prepared an incomparable list of close contacts across all areas of the French food and drink industry in linking fields and we are therefore ideally placed to help you choose the key partners who are crucial for your success. We will work with you to find the best companies to join you in importing and distributing your products in France and we will also introduce you to leaders in the fields of event management, public relations and consumer promotions who are our partners.

Partnering with your french food market consultant

At Green Seed, we will be with you in every step of your path to success and as you progress towards the launch and beyond this phase. As your French food market consultant, we will be there to help you develop marketing materials like professional presentations, which best present your brand. We will also prepare a firm channel strategy and sales plan to guarantee the success of your launch in French market.

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