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french food market research

Many food companies believe that the first choice for an export market is France. To be sure of your successful entry into this complicated and fancy market, it is more than logical to build a strategy upon a solid base of information and, for doing so, leading a French food market research is a must done first step.

Conducting French food market research

Having years of experience behind us, we have already the base information to be able to form your market plans, however we have to do an extensive French food market research in your specific market niche to complete our studies. We will thus learn more precisely about the attitudes, opinions and preferences of your chosen consumer. We will also analyze the results of other recent entrants into your market area and we will ask the opinions of industry experts who are experienced in your specific area of investment. At last, we will do some competitor analysis to ensure the best understanding of your potential opportunities and also the nature of these opportunities in the French market.

Implementing findings from our French food market research

The used methods for our research are already proven and have solid basis. The results from our French food market research will shape the basis for our strategic plan for presenting your brand to the French market. But our services would not end at this stage and we will be with you for your launch, and the process after this stage, in more practical ways, making available for you our extensive knowledge of the key industry players to be sure that you choose the best import and distribution partners for your business. We will also have an eye on you to appoint suitable professionals in other linking areas, such as event management, public relations and consumer promotions.

Moving beyond French food market research

As we approach the launch of your project and even beyond this stage, the phase of research, we will make sure that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal for a successful entry into the market. We will use the information gained from our French food market research and we will surely work with you to create messages that show in the best way those findings and can reflect the image of your brand and your products perfectly. You will have our assistance to form a channel strategy and sales plan which ensure the achievement of your goals for the French market.

At Green Seed, we have chosen a team of consultants with high experience and expertise in the food market of France. These professionals will collaborate with you, using our already proven method to ensure the success and security of your entry into this market.Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we allow UK companies to carry on export activities. After 26 years of experience in this field, we are an essential partner for UK companies in developing their export activities. The Green Seed Group is an international expert in food and drink sales and marketing consultancy that aims at assisting customers build their business in several markets. We offer integrated solutions to food and drink companies, including: