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French food market study

French food consumers are both informed and exigent and that brings challenge and so the market in France is exciting. To increase the success of any new brand in this market, a French food market study is absolutely essential. That is why at Green Seed one of our central component in our market launch strategy is market study. We have gathered a team of professional consultants with outstanding skills in the French food market in order to perform this study and later use its findings for our strategies.

Performing your French food market study

At Green Seed, we work with a proven method that we know delivers positive results. We will survey consumers in your specific niche to learn about their opinions, tastes and desires. We will scan the market for trends and review the performance of recent market entrants in your sector. Our French food market study then continues with competitor analysis, which helps us understand the scale of your opportunity in France. This information then forms the basis for a considered and strategic plan to launch and grow your business in the French market.

Going beyond our French food market study

The essential role of strategic studies and planning services for your successful entry to the French market, makes to extend our work with you in more practical aspects. Years of experience in food industry field put us in contact with many key players of this market and we will use these business relation to help you choose the ideal import and distribution partners for your products. We will also introduce you to the leading professionals in linked important industry field like event management, public relations and consumer promotions.

Leveraging our French food market study

The knowledge that we gain from our French food market study helps us to build targeted presentations that gives the best image of your company and products and appeal directly to the French market. We will also help you to find the most suitable channel strategy, which will ensure that your products reach their targeted market. We know the importance of these results and we will work with you to build a sales plan which delivers those numbers. In any phase of your business, from our French food market study to a winning sales plan, we will be with you to give you services which ensure a successful French market launch.

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