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French food sales agent

Our team at Green Seed is assembled by a team of consultants with a perfect blend of experience and expertise to ensure a successful entry for your company into the French market. We have collaborated with many brands for preparing their entry into the French market and we have developed a proven, exclusive method which is proven to deliver the best results.

Choosing Green Seed as your French food sales agent

For many companies in food industry, it seems a natural process to launch their brand into the French marketplace. It is an exciting event which brings great opportunities but challenges are unavoidable. Working with the right French food sales agent who represent your interests makes everything easier and would accelerate your progress and helps you achieve results you are looking for more quickly.

In Green Seed, we offer you a high range of marketing services, from research to sales, to guarantee a successful launch in French market. As your French food sales agent, we will study consumers in your chosen market niche, for using later the information that we have learnt about their preferences and their habits to set out a suitable strategic plan for your market entry. We also study the launch of similar companies who has similar business as yours in the target market niche and we ask the suggestions of market experts in your field. The final phase of our study would be a competitor analysis which tells us much more about the nature of your opportunity in France.

Working with your French food sales agent

Using the information that we have gained from our studies will help us to build our plans for your brand on solid foundations and to stablish a sales plan upon the results of our studies. This strategic approach is crucial but as your French food sales agent who is experienced in this field, we know that your company need also more practical help. For helping you more practically, we offer you a list of our extensive industry contacts to help you choose from the top company of market the best partners in importation and distribution. We will also present you to the best companies that we have selected to support you in event management, consumer promotions and public relations.

Launching with your French food sales agent

As we get closer to the date of your launch, we will prepare some convincing presentations that reflect your brand in the best way and will call on directly to the French market. Our job as your French food sales agent would not stop at this stage, we will also help you to complete a deliverable sales plan that can achieve the targeted numbers in the French market. By our close collaboration, we will guarantee a great job to deliver the results for a successful launch in the French food market.

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