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French regulation expertise

The French food and drink market is definitely huge and prestigious, giving great opportunities for new brands in this specific field, but this enormous potential of opportunities cause a closely regulated market. Any new brand who enter this market should carefully plan their strategy and it’s essential to choose a partner with the right French regulation expertise. At Green Seed, we have exactly the skills to help you find your way through the countless rules and regulations to be able to build a winning strategy for your entry into the French market.

Creating opportunity from our French regulation expertise

Clearly, it is important to inform our clients about the regulatory framework in the French food industry but it is also important that they understand correctly the opportunities which come over in this market place. That is why we complete our French regulation expertise services with a full marketing offer. We survey the consumers in your chosen market niche to find out their habits, preferences and opinions and then we ask for the opinion of industry experts in your field. Our work continues as we study the performance of recent entrants into your market sector and will do competitor analysis in order to find out correctly the nature of your opportunity.

French regulation expertise and practical help

The knowledge that we gain from our studies will be the base to stablish our strategic plan for your entry into the French market, providing solid foundations for our marketing project for your brand. We also use our French regulation expertise to guarantee that everything you do is properly carried out, avoiding the sort of mistakes which cause costly repackaging, import restrictions and finally damage your reputation and the image of your brand. We also offer practical help, using our extensive knowledge in this industry to help you choose the right partners in import, distribution and professional services.

Testing our French regulation expertise

As we say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so for proving our loyalty, for all final preparations for launch and also beyond this crucial event, we use our French regulation expertise to ensure that your entry into the French market will be both careful and successful. We will assist you in the process of developing compelling presentations which reflect the best your brand and call on directly to the French market. Moreover, we will build a consistent channel strategy and sales plan which ensure your product reaches its targeted audience and you will achieve your desired figures.

We have formed a team of consultants with many years of experience in helping clients for launching their brand and businesses in the French market and surely their expertise in this field is unrivaled.

Since 1991, when we started under the name Food From Britain, we allow UK firms during the deployment of their international activities. Thanks to 26 years of experience in this domain, we are a partner of trust for UK companies in developing their international activities. The Green Seed Group is an international specialist of food and drink sales and marketing consultancy, which job is to assist companies build their business in several markets. Our offer to food and drink organizations consists in: