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French regulation specialist

At Green Seed, we have brought together a team of experts in different area of the French food and drinks industry to have an exceptional blend of expertise and experience.

Green Seed as your French regulation specialist

Launching your brand in the French market is a great achievement and it is a plan that requires right planning. The rate of your opportunities is really high and a well-positioned brand can soon take advantage of this huge and prestigious market. It is inevitable in such market with this rate of potential opportunities you would not encounter challenges and a not prepared brand can soon be caught in the complex web of French food and drink regulations. Choosing the right French regulation specialist can help you handle these regulations and concentrate more on maximizing your opportunity in French market.

At Green Seed, we are experienced in helping lots of brand for their launch in food and drinks brands into the French market and with this experience we have developed a proven method which is sure to deliver the right results. As your French regulation specialist, we will ensure that every move in your process of launch and beyond adheres to the regulatory framework and so that you would not be in situations to have costly expense for product recalls, repackaging or import restrictions. We all know that for giving the first impression in your market you have only one chance and by ensuring that your brand has the right marketing strategy, we will surely develop your reputation as a quality company.

Leveraging the expertise of your French regulation specialist

At Green Seed, we offer a complete range of marketing services to guarantee the success of your launch in French market. Our facilities are not limited to our services of a French regulation specialist and offer a complete package of services to maximize your opportunities in French market. Our market study to obtain information about our target is an example and we will survey consumers in your chosen sector, to know more about their attitudes, preferences and habits. We will also examine the results of other recent entrants to your chosen market and finally we ask the views of the most qualified industry experts. At last, we will do a competitor analysis to understand better the nature of your opportunities in French market.

Launching your brand with your French regulation specialist

Ensuring that all regulations are respected and a right strategic plan for your market entry has been developed, are both crucial steps but as an experienced French regulation specialist, we think that you need more practical and ongoing help in the process of your launch. That is the reason why we will be by your side to select the best import and distribution partners and we will help you develop company presentations that could really sell your brand to the French industry. By our collaboration, we will ensure that everything is in place to maximize your success in this market.

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