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French retail market study

The time of entry into a new international market is an exciting and challenging time for any company. A correctly guided French retail market study from Green Seed can be a good place to start. We have gathered a group of expert who has many years of experience specifically in helping our clients to know better the French market and to have a successful launch for their new products specifically into the French food and beverage market. To do this, we have developed a proven method that deny any sort of guesswork out of launching in the French market and greatly improves the chances of success.

Our comprehensive French retail market study

There are remarkable rewards to be achieved and there are also many pitfalls too for the unprepared brand, so it is totally logic to be more informed as possible about the market you intend to integrate. At Green Seed, we are experienced in conducting expansive research through the French food and drink sector. We will study consumer opinion and test the consumers' attitudes and habits regarding specific products and market segments. Our French retail market study will also englobe the opinions of industry experts and will have a look at the performance of recent market entrants in your sector. At last, we finalize our study by a competitor analysis to find out the opportunities and by having this information we begin to build a winning strategy for your market entry in the target niche.

Learning from our French retail market study

Our research shapes our strategy and creates a solid base for moving forward wisely into this new market. Our services do not stop there and for the next phase we offer our clients a complete range of practical services, in addition to our French retail market study, to make their French launch successful. For years, we have collected extensive contacts in all the key linked areas of the French food and drink market and in this part of our collaboration, we will make them available for you to help your own team. Doing these presentations, we will match your company with the right partners in import and distribution to ensure that your products will reach the right customers.

Implementing findings from our French retail market study

Moving forward for launch and beyond this phase, we will make sure that you are connected to experienced professionals in the areas of event management, consumer promotions and PR, to ensure the successful entry of your brand into the French market. We will also help you to develop irresistible presentations which appeal to the French market and best show the unique qualities of your brand. Working together and building on our French retail market study, we will achieve as soon as possible the required outcomes in your chosen new market.

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