Marketing Support

We act as an essential extension of staff resource of your home office team in markets around the world to provide the marketing and sales support you need to succeed – for launch and ongoing business growth.

  • Marketing plan development and execution
  • Brand development and communication
  • Packaging development
  • Public relations
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Trade promotion



“The Green Seed Network has supported us in the creation and implementation of several promotional projects across Europe (in particular Belgium, Holland and Denmark) and North America and at present we are currently working together on a major three-year project for the promotion of olive oil in the United States and Canada”  Managing Director



“Green Seed´s expertise in digital media has helped Olives From Spain consolidate the perception of French consumers for the Spanish table olive as the number one produced and exported table olive worldwide, along with great quality standards. Their commitment and dedication turned out to be essential for the development of the campaign.” Marketing department – Interaceituna