Soft drinks are part of social relationships and leisure time, all over the world. According to the study on “Drinking Habits of Soft Drinks in Spain”, which is periodically elaborated by ANFABRA, the National Association of Soft Drink Manufacturers, 75% of Spaniards prefer to drink soft drinks with friends and away from home, in bars, restaurants or cafes and preferably during the weekend.

The Spanish people declare to prefer light or without gas soft drinks and thirdly, the sports drinks. Although during the weekend the refreshments preferred by the Spaniards are those that contain gas.

The flavor of cola is still the preferred choice for 50% of the interviewees, although it also highlights the taste for other flavours with less tradition such as pineapple, apple or peach, which agglutinate 18% of preferences, and other new soft drinks such as ready-to-drink- tea (10%).

Another trend in recent years is the increase in the demand for light/sugar free carbonated soft drinks. So, 10% affirm to drink light refreshments on a normal way and another 25% drink them occasionally. On the other hand, non-carbonated drinks are usually consumed by 16% of the interviewees, and another 39% do so on an occasional way.

Preferences also vary with age. The younger ones choose to try different flavors, and stand out as the most appreciated feature when it comes to sipping their flavor. Between the ages of 24 and 34, they choose more light and non-carbon refreshing drinks. Those over 55 emphasize the healthy properties of soft drinks and more traditional flavors.

In Spain, unlike other European countries or the United States, soft drinks are more part of leisure activities than meals accompaniment. This trend towards social consumption is favored by good climatic conditions and by ingrained habits of shared leisure.