Guilt Free Consumption Image

The Guilt-Free Consumption

It is a growing market trend that proposes environmentally friendly products, such as recyclables, fair trade and no substances harmful to

health and responds to a growing need around the world, since it is based on a universal feeling: all We want to have our conscience clean, calm.
“Consumers are eager for a type of consumption without worrying (or at least worry less) about a negative impact”. This is indicated in Trendwatching, a company specializing in global consumer trends.
Guilt-free consumption also causes “clean brands” to achieve an advantage over their competition, according to Trendwatching experts. The companies that declare themselves respectful for the environment, that do not produce in countries with precarious labor, or that use healthy substances, put in the point of view of the citizens to the companies that grow without saying anything about it.

In short, consumers are the basis of the production system and their purchasing decision can change market trends. Therefore, making a consumption free of guilt is an indirect way of claiming companies that include the environmental, solidarity and welfare variable in their products and services.