Jordans Cereals Lead the Belgian Wholesome Category

When Jordans first entered the Belgian market, the breakfast category was still dominated by the traditional jam and spread products. Cereals were still very much in their infancy and centered around the standard flake and children’s offering. Mueslis and granolas, on the other hand, were mainly to be found in specialized health stores.

The British cereal manufacturer quickly established itself as the leader in the development of the wholesome cereal category in mainstream retail. With consumers looking for more authenticity and natural ingredients, Jordans was able to respond to fast evolving needs by offering a high quality natural product range which would soon take prominent place on shelves and be recognized as a category destination.

Highly recognizable from the start in its bag format and strengthened by a very loyal consumer base, the Jordans brand evolved further with its innovation of the crunchy muesli category. Next to its core Original Crunchy and Country Crisp ranges, Jordans has since then successfully launched its Super Berry Granola and Jordans bar products, answering the need for even more wholesomeness.

The wholesome category is clearly growing and supported by a number of macro trends, which will continue to drive its development over the forthcoming years. Health, transparency, simplicity are all but a few of those trends but they cannot come at any price. Brands indeed have to understand that consumers are not prepared to compromise on taste, a fact that Jordans has fully embraced.