Pots & Co Bring British Elegance to French Stores

The culinary arm of European integration has continued to flourish during the last year, exemplified by classy British desserts company Pots & Co’s seamless arrival on French super- and hypermarket shelves. Reception of these beautifully designed ‘Exceptional Puddings’, now in Carrefour stores, has been warm, with eager anticipation of listings in further supermarkets and much curiosity focused on their « so-British » origins.

Indeed, with creator Julian Dyer having been dubbed a second Jamie Oliver, it seems that British charm has also played its role in winning the French press over. One could say that the Anglo-Franco love affair has come full circle in the case of Pots & Co when taking into account Dyer’s professional origins as a trainee chef in Bordeaux.

It’s not just the enduring amity between our two countries that has provoked such positive reactions, but also the meticulous attention to detail in terms of ingredients and design which intrigues. Consumers have been encouraged by the press to see the ceramic pots as items to collect, while the brand’s commitment where possible to premium and preservative- and artificial colouring-free ingredient lists has also been noted. The use of Devon cream and Cornish sea salt – comforting, regional British exoticisms de luxe – invited praise from , keeping in with the French trend of liking to know where their food hails from.

It is success stories such as these which encourage faith in British-European market relations after the Brexit vote, and we expect implantation of British products abroad to continue inspiring enthusiasm and confidence in business as they have in the past.

(Sources : Trade Press – Linéaires, LSA &, 2016)