The Snacks Market in Spain

The snacks market in Spain is experiencing accelerated growth as compared to other food categories on the back of several factors: innovation in new seasonings, new products for new types consumption and new brands and operators coming into play. The total market including snacks and nuts has achieved in 2016 a record size of 300.000 tones with a total value of €2,000 million growing 3% in volume and 1.5% in value.

If we focus on the snacks category (125.000 tonnes and €850 million of sales in all channels), a significant growth can be seen in premium presentation of crisps with new seasonings, crisps with healthy attributes, corn based products for dipping and tubes of crisps. The balance of branded products versus Private Label remains stable with a 51 vs. 49 % ratio in the modern trade channel, which accounts for 73% of total sales in volume and 68% in value, with the balance being sold in the strong food service and traditional channels.

The key levers in the developments of this snacks category are:

      1. New types of consumption driving extraordinary growth of corn based nacho/tortillas and preformed chips for dipping

        a. The Nielsen panel has just issued a report showing the importance of dipping as a vector in socialisation of consumption normally in the afternoons/evenings


      b. The so called “aperitif” moment is driving growth specifically in artisanal style crisps
      2. The dichotomy of the pleasure versus health driving developments to their extremes:

        a. Innovative products based in “pleasure” factor developing new seasonings, BBQ style, cheese based, etc. and packaging as for example crisps in tubes which are growing particularly at a rate of 20%+ according to IRI agency data


      b. Innovation based in the “healthy” factor using natural ingredients and fewer preservatives and artificial flavourings. In this sub-segment the “veg crisps” are arriving on the shelves with a significant growth rate
    3. The operators are investing again in production and packaging facilities after some years of low levels of innovation. Local companies as APEX, Tosfrit or Grefusa are investing amounts circa the mark of €5 million according to a latest report issued by Alimarket magazine. Also worth noting the introduction of Japanese and South African companies with new snacking concepts based in peas, dried fruit and dried meat or fish.