The success of brand ambassadors

On the 12th of September, Laure Genonceaux of the restaurant Brinz’L in Ukkel (Brussels) was awarded the title of Chaudfontaine Lady Chef of the Year 2017.  Green Seed Belgium is the project owner and has been organizing this competition for the past 27 years. The award benefits from a high level of credibility and popularity amongst press, foodies and restaurants.

The Lady Chef operates as a brand ambassador for Chaudfontaine and her other partners. Throughout the year, the Lady Chef endorses the partner brands by working with their products and showcasing them at specific events and in various media. Brand ambassadors are key drivers for brand development. Companies are looking for impactful ways to reach potential consumers, away from the traditional advertising. Brand ambassadors embody the brand they are endorsing and humanize the products. An ambassador provides credibility, trustworthy promotion and visibility. For the partners, the Lady Chef is an excellent way to reach both B2B and B2C objectives.

Laure Genonceaux, Chaudfontaine Lady Chef 2017