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FMCG-Growing in Spain thanks to a connected and healthy consumer

According to the supplier of big data and predictive analytics for manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods, IRI, the Spanish consumption is in continuous growth, being the departments of perfumery and of the healthy foods the ones that grow more.

By channels, the large supermarket continues to lead the market (growing market share to 49.8%), compared to medium supermarkets (22.9%), hypermarkets (15.3%) and small supermarkets (12%). The hypermarkets are seeing how their shoppers number decreases in favor of new formats of establishments, for example, proximity, points of sale open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Also noteworthy are the “hard discount” establishments that in 2017 maintained the growth they have maintained for years in Spain.

In addition, the day-to-day purchase is in a process of conversion towards multi-channel and from which the specialized stores have been favored. In Spain, consumers visited an average of 5.8 different channels during the last twelve months to make the usual purchase. Among the specialized channels, drugstores, perfumeries and chemists were the most visited establishments.

It is also appreciated that, in 2017, the increasingly frequent use of the Internet through smartphones has made it easier for buyers to find information on promotions and offers that help them reduce the cost of their purchase at the supermarket: 39% of Spaniards have searched the internet before carrying out their purchase (the European average is 34%), 38% have sought an economic advantage and up to 64% have managed to save thanks to the use of coupons or promotions in the network.

Another trend that has been appreciated in 2017 is an evolution in the preferences of consumers, who now opt for a healthier and more balanced diet.