Pots&Co Salted Caramel Chocolate

Pots & Co in 2016 list of top introductions Dutch supermarket retail

The number one trade magazine for Dutch supermarket retail ¨Food Personality¨ listed UK brand Pots & Co as the number 19th top brand introduction of 2016 for total supermarket retail in NL. The ranking was based on the total turnover of each new introduction on Moving Annual Total wk 36.

With the help of Green Seed NL, Pots & Co has been listed with three SKU´s in market leader Albert Heijn since Q2 2016.  The premium desserts have been received very well by the consumer resulting in great PR coverage and substantial sales growth in the first months of the listing. Because of this Albert Heijn has recently increased the distribution of three sku´s to almost all stores and added a new fourth sku which was launched in week 45 of last year. Pots & Co is an excellent example of the potential that innovative UK brands can have in the Dutch market.