who we are

The Green Seed Group is an international food and drink sales and marketing consultancy that helps clients from all over the globe to build their business in over 20 markets.

We help food and drink producers by:
• Defining new market opportunities
• Identifying routes to market
• Delivering sales and marketing plans
• Growing business, profitably

Our story…

…began in 1991 when we were known as Food From Britain – an agency network that helped UK businesses to build international sales.

In 2009 we rebranded as the Green Seed Group – to offer our local market expertise to food and drink companies and marketing organisations from all parts of the world.

We offer

  • The talent, expertise and methodology to help you achieve remarkable results
  • A proprietary model for seeding, incubating and growing brands
  • Strong connections to global trading partners
  • The capability to help food and beverage clients of all types and sizes
  • The strategic advice and sales skills to help your business grow

How do brands grow with the Green Seed Group?

Each office delivers results in its own market, working as the local partner of each client. Together we pool our strengths to offer international solutions.

We think like entrepreneurs, manage like accountants and bring the devoted passion of genuine ‘foodies’ when it comes to building international business for food and drink brands.