Carrefour pursues italian food lover with the new format “market gourmet”

Carrefour Italy is continuing to pursue the italian food lovers with the opening of a new Market Gourmet store located in Via Bezzi, Milan.

The store has been totally refurbished and has a sales surface of 3200 sqm, in 2 floors, with an assortment of over 20.000 sku’s.

This store format has been launched 18 monhts ago (today the Markets are 6 in Milan and 17 in Italy) and, differently to a standard supermarket, invites the customer to follow a path of “conceptual worlds” , linked by the High Quality. The Market Gourmet format is focused on top quality Italian and international products ( like the corned dedicated to the Asian food) and on very rich seafood gastronomy counter as well as an extremely rich wine cellar (with a tasting corner and a Champagne Experience dedicated area).