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Poland is a new star on the horizon. The Polish economy grew strongly over the last years and was not affected by the recent recession which hit most of the European countries. The Polish consumer is becoming more affluent. 40% of all agro-food consumption is imported, of which over 80% coming from the EU. The industry has been modernized, often with EU support, resulting in state of the art factories and competitive producers. Krzysztof Lurka and his team have over 20 years of experience in developing international FMCG businesses to Poland.
The Green Seed Poland office is based in the old town of Krakau.

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Green Seed Poland wants to help food and drink companies from all over the world capitalize on the growing opportunities.

Green Seed Poland will act as the facilitator for all interested parties, being an exporter looking for an importer, a brand exploring a retail launch or a producer seeking a contract manufacturing partnership.

Our Clients

Poland is the gateway to the Eastern European markets. Poland offers serious opportunities for both the more traditional exporter as for companies looking to acquire modern production facilities.
Through the Green Seed Group network, the Polish food and drink industry will also be able to look beyond their boundaries.

Some Case Studies

We opened the Polish and Ukraine market for one of Europe’s largest rabbit producers.

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To understand how Green Seed Poland can help you in exploring opportunities for you in Poland and beyond, please contact Krzysztof Lurka.

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