Whether a tiny start up or global icon brand, our clients share one thing in common – they want to achieve and maintain success.

The Green Seed family includes food and beverage brand owners and private label producers, marketing boards and national promotional organisations, as well as leading retailers and food ingredient suppliers.

In the last twenty-five years we have helped over 1,000 brands to seed, incubate and grow their food and beverage businesses. Here are some examples:

  • AHDB (UK)

    Promoting English Lamb and Beef – In Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, West Africa

  • Blue Diamond (USA) 

    Almonds and Almond milk – In France and Portugal

  • Carrefour (France)

     Global grocery retailer – In France and the UK

  • Cully & Sully (Ireland)

    Fresh soups – In Belgium

  • Dorset (UK)

    Premium mueslis – In Belgium, France, Italy and USA

  • Dormen Foods (UK)

    Top quality nuts and snacks – In France, Germany, Italy and Spain

  • EOS (Italy)

    Assisting Sud Tyrol companies – In Belgium and France

  • Fevia (Belgium)

    Federation of Food & Drink Industry – In all GSG markets

  • Food Made in Germany (Germany)

     Supporting Germany’s food and drink exporters – In the Netherlands and the UK

  • Fresh Gourmet (Spain)

     Bread croutons and crispy onions – In the Netherlands

  • Frosta (Germany) 

     A leading frozen ready meals producer – In Portugal

  • Gressingham (UK)

    Premium duck products – In Belgium and Germany

  • Herman Desserts (Belgium)

     Indulgent chilled chocolate pots – In the UK

  • HCC (UK)

    Promoting Welsh Lamb – In France and Belgium

  • IFE (UK)

     The UK’s  leading food exhibition – In the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain

  • Jetro (Japan)

     Japan’s international promotion agency – In the UK

  • Jordans (UK)

    Breakfast cereals – In Belgium and Germany

  • Kettle (UK)

    Hand cooked crisps – In Belgium, Italy, Spain, Nordic, Germany and the Netherlands

  • Lamb Weston (USA)

    North America’s premier potato company – In Nordic markets

  • Loeul et Piriot

    Large producer of fresh and frozen rabbit meat – In Poland and Ukraine

  • Minerva (Greece)

     Producer of Feta cheese, olive oil and vinegars – In Nordic and Belgium

  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

    Promoting New Zealand’s food exporters – In France

  • Olives from Spain (Spain) 

    Promoting Spanish olives internationally – In France and the UK

  • Quorn(UK)

    The world’s #1 meat free products – In Belgium, Spain, USA

  • Sanitarium (Australia)

     All natural breakfast products – In the USA, the UK, The Netherlands

  • Schär (Italy)

    Gluten free #1 brand in Europe – In the Netherlands, Belgium and France

  • Stur (USA)

     All natural flavoured water enhancers – In the USA and the UK

  • Switzerland Global Enterprise (Switzerland)

     Helping Swiss exporters enter new markets – In the UK, Germany, Nordic markets and Belgium

  • Tipa (Israel)

    Innovator in compostable packaging – In the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands

  • Unaprol (Italy)

     Promoting Italian Olive oil – In USA, Nordic and Belgium

  • Walkers (UK)

    Authentic Scottish Shortbread – In USA and Belgium

  • Weight watchers (UK)

     Biscuits under licence – In Belgium and the Netherlands