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Green Seed Germany helped create Switzerland’s No. 1 veggie brand

For over 20 years, various Green Seed offices have been closely involved with their leading client Quorn Foods, helping to develop and implement its international strategy in Continental Europe and North America.

Our German office supported Quorn Foods not just in Germany but also since the mid-1990s in Switzerland. Here, the No. 1 food retailer Migros showed relatively early on interest in developing seriously a range of non-meat products for its customers. Under their own veggie brand Cornatur, a range of products focussing on Quorn, tofu, soya and vegetable products have been launched.

Until last year, Green Seed Germany was closely involved in all stages of development and co-ordination including all aspects of Key Account Management. The Swiss market proved to be extremely open to a meat-free range, in particular after European issues of the late 1990s regarding BSE and foot and mouth disease.

The Cornatur product range caters not only for pure vegetarians but also for modern target markets who simply want to reduce in general their meat consumption without completely excluding meat from their diet.