Hamal Signature: artisanal seafood spreads enter leading French retailer

In February 2015, Hamal Signature, leader in the Belgian spreads market, launched a specific seafood spread range composed of three SKUs in the French retailer Carrefour under the brand Délio.

Hamal Signature’s products are premium, made with high quality ingredients, and stand out from their competitors thanks to their high fish content.

Keen on the possibility of using these USPs to expand into the French market Hamal Signature enlisted the help of Green Seed France to carry out a qualitative research and a market assessment, to adapt the brand so that it would better suit French consumer demands, and to approach retailers.

The three initial products listed – mackerel, trout and tuna based spreads – are now present in approximately 130 Carrefour hypermarkets and 250 Carrefour supermarkets across France.

This has given Hamal Signature the perfect foothold to further develop their brand in a market with a great culinary tradition, a high demand for quality products and yet also an increasing appreciation of new, exciting flavours and originality.