Italians are the most open to innovation in Europe (57% vs 44% EU)

Innovation is important. Innovation guarantees growth, profitability and success, even in the toughest times of economic crisis. How then to innovate effectively in a time when competitiveness is fierce and shelves are full of new products? In order to answer these questions, Nielsen recently conducted a survey entitled Global New Product Innovation to analyze the habits and desires that drive consumers from 60 countries in the world to purchase new products.

For Italy, the results were very positive as the country showed itself to be extremely open to innovation with 57% of Italian consumers confirming they had purchased a new product during their last supermarket shop. This is much higher than the European average (44%), especially when compared to Germany (41%), France (36%) and the UK (29%). Also interesting to note is that the economic crisis has not reduced the interest of Italians towards new and innovative products. Only 29% were less interested in purchasing innovative products due to the economic crisis – a value far lower than the European (38%) and global averages (44%).

So what type of products ae Italians actually looking to find on supermarket shelves? Even although economic products (38%) retain the first place, these are closely followed by a strong demand for innovative products that render lives and the environment better: products for healthy lifestyles (34%), products made with natural ingredients (28%), eco-innovative products (29%), ethical products (15%), convenient to use products (28%) and products that make life easier (23%). Two main issues are constantly at the forefront in Italian consumer mind-sets: environmentally friendly products and innovation.